The Heart of an Entrepreneur – My Story

It seems to be pretty popular to be an “Entrepreneur” these days.

People recognize the opportunities that exist with starting their own business.

Especially an internet based business that has the ‘allure’ of creating automated income online.

Oh, yes that happens… yet what most don’t understand is the journey to get to that successful point is filled with roadblocks, challenges, curveballs, obstacles and things that blindside you that you never thought about.

In this video I share my journey of starting over with less than 200 bucks in my pocket and no money coming in… to ultimately creating 5 figure months and never looking back

The real question is, would you really take this journey if you knew what you were going to face?

Would the ultimate rewards seem worth it when you are starting out?

Being on the other side having taken that journey I truly believe in my heart and soul it absolutely is worth it. But you have to develop the heart of an entrepreneur.

Are you willing to develop the heart of an entrepreneur?

Leave your comments below on this… why you believe you have the heart of an entrepreneur.

We’ll see you there,

Chris Rocheleau
CEO & Co-Founder
North Node Solutions