I was burnt out on seeing the same messaging over and over again from every training program, every brand and every client that came to me. So I started asking hard questions and questioning why these same “traditional formulas” were constantly overused. What I found was the online landscape required an update.

It needed a new translation, one that fit where the world was going, not where it was. 

So over the past 13 Years as a Strategist, Copywriter and Media Buyer I’ve developed and refined a messaging system unique to the marketing industry.

It does NOT rely on regurgitating and rehashing the same copy training developed by the great copywriters of their time.

Although I respect and admire what they did, we never had access to technology like instant feedback loops inside algorithms giving us real-time data based on how people respond to our message in real-time.

As a result, we’ve developed this to work with today’s social media landscape 

This messaging system beats everything we’ve matched it up against. As a result, if used properly this method always increases conversions and bottom line revenue for anyone we use it with.  

Chris Rocheleau
Creator, CODE Methodology
CEO, North Node Solutions