A Marketer’s Strategic Messaging System for  Conversion Based Traffic Generation

This unique process is superior to the “traditional direct response” concepts making you look like every other cookie cutter brand with the same style of messaging consumers have grown weary and unresponsive to.

This System actually fits today’s social media dominant landscape for higher conversions and sustained growth.

CODE Methodology

Discover Our "Context Optimal Decisive Elements" System That Always Increases Conversions

Manipulate Social Media Ad Algorithms

Unlock The Best Customers and Clients by Leveraging Social Algorithms Properly

EPIC Ad Formula

Our Proprietary High Converting "EPIC Formula" for Any Platform

Our Training and Coaching Programs

The Message Mapping Workshop

Our Proprietary Message Mapping Workshop is a Scientific Testing Focused Process Using Our Proprietary “Element System” to Determine the best “Message Combinations” prospects respond to which can be applied to all marketing channels for higher conversion rates. This 6 Session Live Workshop takes place over 2 weeks.  

CODE Methodology

CODE is an acronym standing for “Context Optimal Decisive Elements” because this proprietary messaging system identifies the ‘Decision Making Mechanisms’ the human brain is wired to respond to. Because of this we increase engagement AND Conversions at the same time while creating behaviors that positively affect social media algorithms for sustained growth and scaling 

“Chris Rocheleau is the greatest social media copywriter on the planet”

~ Keith Krance, Dominate Web Media


“I can’t say enough about Chris… It really is a beacon of hope in a very crowded marketplace. When people are struggling just to get their ads seen at a cost that is reasonable, Chris comes along and shatters the way everyone else teaches copy… his formulas are epic and result in CPAs that can easily drop in half… If you’re struggling to start your ads on the right foot, CODE is a no-brainer… and if you’re looking to scale, this is THE best way to do that, too… These skills are invaluable.”

~ Stirling Gardner, Owner Stackt Digital