The Entrepreneur’s Focus – What it really means

The Entrepreneur’s Focus – What it really means

Focusing on what you really want to create can be difficult in times of struggle. Sometimes you are totally in the flow and other times you are left wondering to yourself…

“How the heck am I going to get out of this?”

I was asked a question last weekend while at an event I was speaking at about this particular subject. The question went like this:

focus“If we are supposed to be 100% authentic in our words and actions all the time, then what if we are going through extremely difficult times and we don’t see light at the end of the tunnel? Does that mean we should be talking about doom and gloom in our marketing?”

Funny enough, nobody has ever asked me that question. So I went into a what seemed like an impromptu sermon in the hallway, where 30-40 people started to gather around as I started to answer this question… I saw a few cameras come out but I don’t know if it was just pictures or someone recorded it on video. If I ever get the video or any footage including pics.. I will post them here on this post.

So the next best thing I did, I made another video for you while camping in Ouray, CO on my way back home after the event. (I stopped by the grand canyon too which was EPIC) So I took a morning hike in beautiful Colorado and recounted what I had never recounted before in that way…. enjoy the video below.

So there you have it.  The automatic ability to shift your focus from creating negative outcomes to creating positive outcomes boils down to these 3 things:

The 3 Step Process:3 Step Focus Process

1. Acknowledge the negative thought as a thought that does not serve you

2. Release the thought consciously as no longer existing

3. Turn your focus back to what you want to create in every moment.

It doesn’t sound to glamorous.  Because its not. It takes discipline. Yet everyone is looking for the shortcut or the super secret technique. It simply comes down to this question… and being aware of the question in every conscious moment…

“What am I creating in this moment”?

Then ‘re-calibrate’ your thoughts to your desired outcome. Period.

Keep going, this stuff works. It’s worked for me to the tune of multiple six figures in my business and I KNOW that this is the main reason for it.

As my buddy and fellow multiple 6 figure earner says:

“It’s simple… but it’s not easy”

Would you rather have it be some complex thing that you may have thought until now, that it was? The reality is what you create.. its what you make it.

So go forth in everything that you do and consciously choose to create every moment.

We’ll see you there,

Chris Rocheleau

Chris Rocheleau
Creator, CODE 2 Conversions

P.S. If you want to see the stage talk that I referred to in this video on this post… click here to watch it