How I Overcame Everything to Realize the Life of My Dreams

How I Overcame Everything to Realize The Life of My Dreams

How I missed this “one piece of the puzzle” that held me back from living the life of my dreams and achieving success beyond measure…

Now I’m 33 and I live a live in a vacation destination doing the things most people only dream about everyday… with an income beyond most peoples normal comprehension. (You wouldn’t believe me if I told you anyway)

Just 4 short years ago I was rock bottom where I was starting over in a new place with only $200 to my name and no light at the end of the tunnel as to how I was going to pull myself out of it.

Now..before I get to specific steps … Let me tell you how this started for me …

…then I’ll tell you what changed for me for that last “piece of the puzzle” to fall into place and create a fortune.

I read my first “Personal Growth” book when I was 16… I skipped school and went across the street to the public library. Where as I was walking through the aisles of books.. A particular book literally fell off the shelf in front of me.

At that moment I knew that book falling at my feet was no accident.

The title read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

I thought to myself… “You gotta be kidding me”, How do you simply Think Your Way To Riches?

I could not resist… I had to see what “ancient wisdom” this man was talking about who had wrote a book 60 years ago about how to “think yourself to riches”

When I finished this book… it opened up my eyes to realizing that so much more was possible! I realized that creating happiness, prosperity and good fortune were not something that was a by chance, luck or a roll of the dice.

It was by applying the principles of the laws of success and the universe.

So after dropping out of college after 2 years and went about the business of getting licensed to become a real estate agent…
… I was going to sell real estate and learn about the business so that I could too become a wealthy real estate investor. (Seemed like a good idea at the time)

I struggled along… attempting to apply the principles of what I learned in all the great books from the great authors… Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, Wallace Wattles, Dr. Maxwell Maltz… and many more.

I knew what I had learned from the authors had to work… they had worked for so many others…

…so I knew that I was “missing something”… But I couldn’t put my finger on it quite yet.

Eventually after 7 years of barely making it… My real estate business failed.. I hit rock bottom where I had to move back in with my parents and attempt to pick up the pieces of my broken spirit…

I remember sitting on my bed back in my bedroom that I grew up in. This is where I was 15 years ago… and here I am back sitting here.. starting back over at square zero. My mind began to wander.

“Did I make the right decision?

Did I follow my heart?

I really started to question everything I had believed in …. should I have listened to my friends, family and peers? And simply went and got a job and survived? and simply settled? Was this all there was to my life? Was this going to be it?

I didn’t like to compare myself to others.. but the reality was… that I was a grown man in my late twenties and I came back home unwillingly… and it felt like I had lost my sense of self. Completely disillusioned in what was going on in my life.. I felt helpless…

… I remember seeing the face on my mother starting to tear up as she looked at me in pain, she hated to see me suffering so badly…

…Even though I could barely see light at the end of the tunnel… I knew that I was capable of more.. I knew that this couldn’t last forever…I had come too far to quit now. I was too close.

I really didn’t know exactly how I was going to pull myself out of this… but then I realized that I had to make a decision

What happened next I never would have guessed… I stood up and proclaimed to the universe.. “I’m ready to receive and learn what the universe is telling me”

I was finally willing to accept that maybe I did not know everything there was to know about the laws of the universe and how they worked.

I had to surrender my ego of “being right all the time”. I was finally willing to accept that maybe the universe was trying to tell me something all along… and maybe I simply wasn’t listening.

and then in rare twist of fate…

I ran into an old friend from high school… we used to play basketball together as kids. It turns out he had a similar story of being completely broke and at rock bottom as well just a few short months ago…

He had been down the same path and had read all of the same books as well… and he shared with me what transformed his life as well.

Now for me personally? I live for experiences I’m not the kind of person to like a lot of material things… I’m not concerned with “keeping up with the jones’s”, I’m all about having the freedom in my life… The financial freedom to do what I want to do and when I want to do it.

So when I saw my friend Dave having that lifestyle… and he was much like me.. he didn’t care about cars, clothes, jewelry or anything really material… In fact he couldn’t even name the brands of really nice cars. I really resonated with him.. because what he had was an income where he was earning in one month what I was earning in 3 years.

What I saw him having was a free lifestyle be able afford everything that he needed… and then plenty left over to pay for the things in life that he loved to do… like travel and bike outdoors and enjoy nature in all ways that he wanted to.

Plus he had total free time… he had no watch.. and he was never on a schedule.. he had no job to go to… all of that was already behind him. He had no alarm clock, he woke up when he was done sleeping..

Now I know that money isn’t everything… and I also know that the love of money and greed can destroy a person. However when you go to bed at night and you are worried about money like paying the credit card bills, feeding the kids and/or the dog, making the mortgage payment and still putting gas in the car to get to work…

…you really cannot attain your highest level of consciousness and be in a “flow” of joy, happiness, prosperity and enlightenment all the time.

My friend had all of these things and he was one of the happiest people that I have ever met.


…and he started to show me how he did it. He shared with me a few more pieces of the puzzle that I didn’t even know that I didn’t know.

(Little did I know what would begin to happen next would be the greatest catalyst for the biggest and most positive changes in my life)

So I went about the business of applying all of these “laws of the universe” to my online business… I knew I was genuinely adding value to peoples lives so I figured it couldn’t hurt wherever it was leading me.

Then one night..while at a company event in San Diego I’m sitting in my friends driveway late at night and my friend told me something

…and what happened next triggered something so surreal that even to this day I still wonder how it happened… yet it did.

I had my whole life flash before my eyes like a movie… I saw every moment in my life where I had created pain and suffering…

I broke into to tears crying uncontrollably for the next 20 minutes… and it wasn’t because I was sad…

…it was tears of joy for I now realized what I was missing… I realized that I had a very deep down “subconscious belief” about myself.. that I wasn’t even consciously aware of… I did not even know it existed…

…yet it held me back for 15 years as beat myself up.. over and over again.

Now I was free…

You see along the way I learned the ability to instantly be able to shift limiting beliefs… that enabled me to literally wipe away these bad beliefs within minutes of recognizing them.

Every time that I did this process… My life would turn a new corner and begin to transform before my eyes…

People showed up differently…

People reacted to me differently…

People always showed up at the right time to “open a new doorway” or to meet the right person… or suggest the next thing to do.

Because I have this ability now to shift my beliefs….

… I have nothing holding me back.. and over the last year… my life has transformed into a dream life.. and I don’t even recognize it at all from a year ago.

Because I had the right person come along and…

1. Got the right mentor and coach that showed me the way… and shared with me the missing pieces I had yet to put together in my life.

2. I consistently kept applying the Laws of the Universe – Only now they were actually working for me.

3. I Learned this “one thing” that allows me to shift my subconscious beliefs the moment that I started recognizing them…

I have created a dream life and good fortune for myself and the ones that I love.

So as a part of my gift of paying it forward… I want to show up to you here… Now… and open the doorway to learn what I learned… and I will show you how I did it..

Let’s take it to the next level

Chris Rocheleau