If you don’t know which level of awareness of your target audience is at then you may miss them completely.

The following video shows you how to understand each level and how to get them to respond to your message.  

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In Summary:

The 5 Levels of Awareness can be applied to any market anywhere. It just so happens I have applied this to someone who would be selling products or services on the internet. With the advent of social media we can re-apply this time tested wisdom to online marketing. We have to thank the late great Eugene Schwartz who pioneered the 5 States of Awareness in his classic groundbreaking book “Breakthrough Advertising”.

If it not were the genius of Schwartz, this understanding of marketing would never have been able to utilized… nor translated to modern day internet marketing so clearly and tactfully.

It just goes to show… marketing is marketing. When you really understand the power of those 3 words. You can take time tested concepts and apply them to the current way we market today.

An amazing evolution of todays marketing that I discovered works with the levels of awareness 3,4 and 5 very, very well is telling through stories. In the next video I will share with you how I use “The Art of Story-Selling” to bring in fresh new targeted prospects for my products and services.

We’ll see you there!

Chris Rocheleau
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P.S. You can watch “The Art of StorySelling Below”

The Art of Story selling
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