How you can capitalize on creating a Personality Based Following instead of a System Based Following.

A system based following has no real loyalty and a shelf life. In this video I explain the difference between the two types of followings and how to create the one that works best for you.

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So in Summary:

Personality Based Following is usually the best for those that want to build a long term sustainable business.  Why? Because if the system fails, (which is outside of your control) then your following fails unless they are following you.

The difference? If you are dependent upon the system to work for you rather than utilizing your own positioning, branding, unique personality, vision and message then your following fails and leaves the moment the system doesn’t live up to the lofty expectations it always touts itself to produce.

However if you have a following that is responsive to your unique message of Vision, Values, Position, Ideals and Personality. Then wherever you go, your following will go with you. In the video above I illustrate the main elements on how create that type of messaging.

So the next part about reaching your audience and creating responsiveness has to do with understanding the “Level of Awareness” that your target audience has. If you don’t understand the 5 Levels of awareness of your target audience then you may completely fall short of getting your audience to respond to you. Its critically important that you understand this:

You can watch that video here on “The 5 Levels of Awareness”

We’ll see you there!

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P.S  Watch the video on “The 5 Levels of Awareness Below”

5 Levels of awareness
Click to watch “The 5 Levels of Awareness of your Target Audience”