The most unlikely part of this video jumped out at me and it was from the last person on the video I would have have ever expected.

All I have to say is…

“Oprah hit me like a ton of bricks – from now on I’m listening”

I have seen this video many times, (its in my “favorites” list) but what really hit me like it never hit me before was what Oprah said:

Your calling isn’t something that somebody can tell you about

Its what you feel,

It is a part of your life force,

The thing that gives you juice.

Always take a stand for yourself, your values, you are defined by what you stand for.

Honor your calling,

Don’t worry about how successful you will be,

Don’t worry about it, focus on how significant you can be in service and the success will take care of itself!”

Now that’s powerful.

At other times in my life other parts of this video really resonated with my frame of mind.

But this time I was Vibin’ with Oprah. Don’t get me wrong… she’s awesome in every way and true master.

But C’mon…. Ghandi? Churchill? Mandela? This lady deserves all that she has and very thankful for her contribution to the world, even if it was disguised through a “talk show”.

She has since moved on from her talk show… listening to her purpose… the sense of purpose that she feels through her lifeforce energy flowing through her.

What is your purpose? Where can you focus on significance? Are you making the world a better place or a worse place to be?

A wise man once said…

“You cannot serve two masters at the same time”

Which one are you serving? Something that is life-threatening or life-enhancing.

Time to draw that line…. Step into your Divine Authority and reclaim that purpose you feel running through your veins.

Start right where you are at… wherever that may be and remember what Mother Theresa said, “We cannot all do great things, but we can do lots of small things with great love”

Be The Change,


Chris Rocheleau
Founder of The Next Level Mastermind Intensive

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