How Doing The Right Thing Gets The Right Result

The power of doing what you feel is the right thing…

…and when you  have the courage to implement what you feel is right.


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Be The Change You Want To See In The World

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Chris Rocheleau
Founding Member & Co-Architect of Empower Network
Founder of Team Be The Change
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You Gotta Let People Be Themselves – Even If Thats Someone Else

This is hysterical!

I actually stumbled across this video when I was uploading my own videos on youtube.

It turns out this kid made the funniest video about me I have ever seen… and he ranked on the first page of youtube search for my name.

Talk about getting someones attention… I swear I held my breath the first time I watched it… I didn’t know what to expect.

I then found out he was saying nothing but good things…. Phew!

I loved that Mike put in his own “Brand” on it and decided to be the world heavyweight champion of the home based business industry.

Creativity is Key…..

He’s got it… all the way!

Thats what’s so cool about this blogging platform, people can be free to do what they want and be who they want to be…. whatever that looks like is up to them!

All it really takes is being you and getting it out to lots of people and even newbies make all kinds of ridiculous money with this system.

Stuff like this only confirms to me that this whole concept really works

Especially after being at an event where we had 3000 people strong!

95% of them were making money, unheard of… my eyes watered as the vision Dave and I talked about and shared when we decided to create this blogging system. One for the average person to make a full time income part time with and more….

It has come to fruition…. Over 50,000 registered blogs already in 11 months?

That doesn’t sound like just a company to me…. that’s a movement.

Be The Change,


P.S. If you want to join the movement…. click here


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The Difference Between Knowing Success And Being Successful

The most unlikely part of this video jumped out at me and it was from the last person on the video I would have have ever expected.

All I have to say is…

“Oprah hit me like a ton of bricks – from now on I’m listening”

I have seen this video many times, (its in my “favorites” list) but what really hit me like it never hit me before was what Oprah said:

Your calling isn’t something that somebody can tell you about

Its what you feel,

It is a part of your life force,

The thing that gives you juice.

Always take a stand for yourself, your values, you are defined by what you stand for.

Honor your calling,

Don’t worry about how successful you will be,

Don’t worry about it, focus on how significant you can be in service and the success will take care of itself!”

Now that’s powerful.

At other times in my life other parts of this video really resonated with my frame of mind.

But this time I was Vibin’ with Oprah. Don’t get me wrong… she’s awesome in every way and true master.

But C’mon…. Ghandi? Churchill? Mandela? This lady deserves all that she has and very thankful for her contribution to the world, even if it was disguised through a “talk show”.

She has since moved on from her talk show… listening to her purpose… the sense of purpose that she feels through her lifeforce energy flowing through her.

What is your purpose? Where can you focus on significance? Are you making the world a better place or a worse place to be?

A wise man once said…

“You cannot serve two masters at the same time”

Which one are you serving? Something that is life-threatening or life-enhancing.

Time to draw that line…. Step into your Divine Authority and reclaim that purpose you feel running through your veins.

Start right where you are at… wherever that may be and remember what Mother Theresa said, “We cannot all do great things, but we can do lots of small things with great love”

Be The Change,


Chris Rocheleau
Founder of The Next Level Mastermind Intensive

To find out more about The Next Level Mastermind Intensive click here


The Real Price To Pay For Success

Ever seen the movie “Gladiator” with Russel Crowe?

This narrative shows the price of success and showed key moments in that movie. (One of my top 5 movies ever)

The transcript in English is below the video..

Anyone who ever accomplished a major achievement in life knows how true this video is.

All that you have to do think back to the process that you went through to know that you crossed all of these steps in order to get there on one level or another.

I can remember a few of the major accomplishments in my life…

As I watched this video I found myself seeing the exact moments when it was hard..

When it was difficult…

And ultimately how I persevered with unwavering faith.

In this business we call “internet marketing” where we create passive, residual income streams that totally rearrange how our life looks…

We find that at times its hard, at times you will be faced with Demons that you never knew were there.

You might find that at first…

That you want to avoid those moments…

And run back to your safe life with your tv dinner, your 150+ cable channels and your steel belted “All-Season” radial tires.

With your tail tucked between your legs

But we never told you it would be easy

We just told you that it would be worth it.

Here is the transcript of the video below:

“Success, acknowledgement, fame, glory.
Many of us fight for reasons like that,
but they don’t build a good name from one day to the next.
It is necessary to work hard even if there are stumbles and falls.
It is necessary to overcome obstacles.
It is necessary to have motivation, to persevere and insist.
Life is a succession of battles.
Job, family, friends: All of us have a current status, and most, expectations for the future.
However the twists and turns of fate take us by surprise.
One can not always do only what one likes,
but to those that like what they do and are proud of always doing better,
make more progress day by day.

At our moments of quiet, and hectic decisive moments when mere good intentions are not enough,
that’s when life demands of us, courage, boldness, creativity and an unquenchable fighting spirit.
The truth is that problems and setbacks happen more frequently than we would like.
Times change, new challenges arise, and new objectives.
The warriors look into the eyes of the future without fear or arrogance but with the confidence of those who are ready for battle.

Living is also being prepared for difficult situations.
How we approach the difficulties is was makes the difference.
Sometimes we ask, How can we cope with the radical changes that we are faced with?
It’s like acting a new scenario where things we used to do so well, now need to be relearned.
And how can we fight without letting go of fundamental values?
And more, how do we know exactly what needs to be done at the right time?
The amazing thing is that it is precisely upon facing adverse situations
that many rediscover the best in themselves.
Ethics, friendship, the capability to create new strategies based on experience.
The talents to promote positive alliances.
The spirit of leadership.
The awareness of the strength that resides in true teamwork.
All this comes to the forum when required by circumstances when one knows there is an important ultimate goal.

Naturally it’s not easy to give up habits, customs,
it’s not easy to adapt to new environments or employ resources we are not familiar with,
but all warriors know that pessimism and uncertainty hold one back at moments like this.
Even if the threat comes from many sides, with agility strength and determination,
we can achieve our goals.
A combination of energy and intelligence as well as a balance between emotion and reason
are essential to success.

It is a most satisfying feeling to reach the end of a task with a feeling of duty fulfilled and receive the accolades and respect of all our colleagues,
the admiration of the people we love,
to hear our names spoken with pride,
The pride of having seen the obstacles, the opportunity of growth,
The pride of having seen life’s ups and downs and win.
The pride of being a winner who did not give up fundamental values.”

Let this sink in…

Give it some thought…

Plant the seeds of positive change and know that you can create whatever it is that you want to create.

“The power of the human being to create anything is usually understood by a select few.. the others walk around in darkness with an illusion of mediocrity.”


Don’t let that be you….

Be The Change,

Chris Rocheleau,



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Many Topics To Empower You And Your Network Coming Soon

Chris RocheleauAs most of you know I have been in the works of launching an internet marketing business as of late where I help local businesses with their search engine optimization.

This business offers everything from do it yourself products designed to equip you with the necessary skills to rank your website on the search engines to hiring out every aspect of the internet marketing process to my company.

Check back soon as I will have much information about these topics as well as a variety of other personal development and self-growth topics that educate, inform and empower you to be the best you can be and live a life full of happiness and fulfillment.

More to come soon… Everything on the horizon is approaching rapidly!

Chris Rocheleau

How To Let Go Of What Holds You Back In Life

I made this video one day when I had listened to story after story of my friends and colleagues explain what was the real catalyst in their success in their chosen endeavor.

As I finished this video, I went and watched some of my favorite movie clips that sum up today’s message in a nutshell.

And finally… thank-you Steve Jobs for a commercial that he did that changed the course of my life…

The masses of average people keep each other in line… the blind lead the blind.   Just remember that if you are doing something different and it seems crazy to most people… you have joined the beliefs and ranks of the worlds most successful and influential people who make positive differences in the lives of millions.

Have you found your inner guidance within you?