The Heart of an Entrepreneur – Do you have it?

It seems to be pretty popular to be an “Entrepreneur” these days. People recognize the opportunities that exist with starting their own business. Especially an internet based business that has the ‘allure’ of creating automated income online. Oh, yes that happens… yet what most don’t understand is the journey to get to that successful point is filled with roadblocks, challenges, curveballs, obstacles and things that blindside you that you never thought about.

In this video I share my journey of starting over with less than 200 bucks in my pocket and no money coming in… to ultimately creating 5 figure months and never looking back


The real question is, would you really take this journey if you knew what you were going to face? Would the ultimate rewards seem worth it when you are starting out?  Being on the other side having taken that journey I truly believe in my heart and soul it absolutely is worth it. But you have to develop the heart of an entrepreneur.

Are you willing to develop the heart of an entrepreneur?

Leave your comments below on this… why you believe you have the heart of an entrepreneur.

We’ll see you there,

Chris Rocheleau
Founder, EPIC Story Academy
Creator, The EPIC Story Formula


The Entrepreneur’s Focus – What it really means

The Entrepreneur’s Focus – What it really means

Focusing on what you really want to create can be difficult in times of struggle. Sometimes you are totally in the flow and other times you are left wondering to yourself…

“How the heck am I going to get out of this?”

I was asked a question last weekend while at an event I was speaking at about this particular subject. The question went like this:

focus“If we are supposed to be 100% authentic in our words and actions all the time, then what if we are going through extremely difficult times and we don’t see light at the end of the tunnel? Does that mean we should be talking about doom and gloom in our marketing?”

Funny enough, nobody has ever asked me that question. So I went into a what seemed like an impromptu sermon in the hallway, where 30-40 people started to gather around as I started to answer this question… I saw a few cameras come out but I don’t know if it was just pictures or someone recorded it on video. If I ever get the video or any footage including pics.. I will post them here on this post.

So the next best thing I did, I made another video for you while camping in Ouray, CO on my way back home after the event. (I stopped by the grand canyon too which was EPIC) So I took a morning hike in beautiful Colorado and recounted what I had never recounted before in that way…. enjoy the video below.


So there you have it.  The automatic ability to shift your focus from creating negative outcomes to creating positive outcomes boils down to these 3 things:

The 3 Step Process:3 Step Focus Process

1. Acknowledge the negative thought as a thought that does not serve you

2. Release the thought consciously as no longer existing

3. Turn your focus back to what you want to create in every moment.


It doesn’t sound to glamorous.  Because its not. It takes discipline. Yet everyone is looking for the shortcut or the super secret technique. It simply comes down to this question… and being aware of the question in every conscious moment…

“What am I creating in this moment”?

Then ‘re-calibrate’ your thoughts to your desired outcome. Period.

Keep going, this stuff works. It’s worked for me to the tune of multiple six figures in my business and I KNOW that this is the main reason for it.

As my buddy and fellow multiple 6 figure earner says:

“It’s simple… but it’s not easy”

Would you rather have it be some complex thing that you may have thought until now, that it was? The reality is what you create.. its what you make it.

So go forth in everything that you do and consciously choose to create every moment.

We’ll see you there,

Chris Rocheleau

Chris Rocheleau
Founder EPIC Story Academy
Originator, The True Heart of an Entrepreneur

P.S. If you want to see the stage talk that I referred to in this video on this post… click here to watch it

Visualization and The Missing Element Mostly Overlooked

Visualization and The Missing Element Mostly Overlooked

Watch this quick 6 minute video where I explain what the missing element I have found with traditional “visualization”.  In this video I illustrate what I do differently that has allowed me to accomplish almost everything I set a goal for.

[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” youtube_force_hd=”hd720″ width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1vVzZHcEdLVDNZdw==[/video_player]

Click Here to find out how I did it


Use this.. in anything you set out to accomplish… it may sound crazy… but it works. PERIOD.


See you on the inside,

Chris Rush


Chris Rocheleau
Founder of “The Next Level Mastermind Intensive”
Originator of “The Art of Story-Selling”
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How Doing The Right Thing Gets The Right Result

The power of doing what you feel is the right thing…

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Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Chris BTC Profile Pic

Chris Rocheleau
Founding Member & Co-Architect of Empower Network
Founder of Team Be The Change
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The Difference Between Knowing Success And Being Successful

The most unlikely part of this video jumped out at me and it was from the last person on the video I would have have ever expected.

All I have to say is…

“Oprah hit me like a ton of bricks – from now on I’m listening”

I have seen this video many times, (its in my “favorites” list) but what really hit me like it never hit me before was what Oprah said:

Your calling isn’t something that somebody can tell you about

Its what you feel,

It is a part of your life force,

The thing that gives you juice.

Always take a stand for yourself, your values, you are defined by what you stand for.

Honor your calling,

Don’t worry about how successful you will be,

Don’t worry about it, focus on how significant you can be in service and the success will take care of itself!”

Now that’s powerful.

At other times in my life other parts of this video really resonated with my frame of mind.

But this time I was Vibin’ with Oprah. Don’t get me wrong… she’s awesome in every way and true master.

But C’mon…. Ghandi? Churchill? Mandela? This lady deserves all that she has and very thankful for her contribution to the world, even if it was disguised through a “talk show”.

She has since moved on from her talk show… listening to her purpose… the sense of purpose that she feels through her lifeforce energy flowing through her.

What is your purpose? Where can you focus on significance? Are you making the world a better place or a worse place to be?

A wise man once said…

“You cannot serve two masters at the same time”

Which one are you serving? Something that is life-threatening or life-enhancing.

Time to draw that line…. Step into your Divine Authority and reclaim that purpose you feel running through your veins.

Start right where you are at… wherever that may be and remember what Mother Theresa said, “We cannot all do great things, but we can do lots of small things with great love”

Be The Change,


Chris Rocheleau
Founder of The Next Level Mastermind Intensive

To find out more about The Next Level Mastermind Intensive click here


Many Topics To Empower You And Your Network Coming Soon

Chris RocheleauAs most of you know I have been in the works of launching an internet marketing business as of late where I help local businesses with their search engine optimization.

This business offers everything from do it yourself products designed to equip you with the necessary skills to rank your website on the search engines to hiring out every aspect of the internet marketing process to my company.

Check back soon as I will have much information about these topics as well as a variety of other personal development and self-growth topics that educate, inform and empower you to be the best you can be and live a life full of happiness and fulfillment.

More to come soon… Everything on the horizon is approaching rapidly!

Chris Rocheleau