How To Get In Your Prospects Primary Email Inbox

Did you know that most email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and MSN are sending more and more of your emails to the “promotions” tab of your prospects email addresses?  This essentially means if your prospect “feels like checking” the promotions tab because they absolutely feel like being sold something, then you have very decreased chance of getting them to open your email.

In this special free training I did for my community and clients, I show you how to ensure you have the highest chance possible of landing in the “Primary” inbox of your prospect.  Some attendees were completely blown away that this was even possible. Watch the training below to find out


When you can reach your prospects primary email inbox… then you have a chance of them finally opening your email.  Until then, all of your skills at writing great copy, selling, teaching, communicating or generally getting your point across doesn’t even matter because they won’t be opening it.

If you want to learn even more about the “Science of Inboxing” then check out this training that we did for our community here.

See you on the inside,

Chris Rocheleau
Founder, The Epic Life
Creator, EPIC Story Formula for Marketers

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7 Marketing Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight

Most people who are always looking for The latest ‘marketing tactic’, ‘the secrets’ to success which is natural, but I’m here to let you in on a ‘real’ secret.

There is no secret. They are all out there, you just have to pick one and apply yourself. Sure, there is strategy. Which you need, there are certain tactics, which you also need, but they are no secret.

Most of them are hidden in plain sight.

Watch the following video where I explain the one of the most important concepts that every marketer needs to know. Its called the 7 Pillar “Spiral Staircase” and once you get this concept, it may be the one thing you need to understand how to take your business and your marketing to the next level.



The 7 Pillars that every business needs to know and plan for are listed here for quick reference.

1 – ‘The Why’ – You gotta have your resolve to keep going when it gets tough

2 – ‘The Know How’ – Knowing the ‘In’s and Out’s’ of how to service your market

3 – ‘The Strategy‘ – You have to have your daily plan of action and marketing

4 – ‘The Story” – This is the your brand and is the glue that binds your audience to you

5 – ‘The System’ – You need systematize the first 4 pillars to move the machine forward

6 – ‘The Team’ – You need the team to implement your system in an ongoing way

7 – ‘The Scale’ – Understanding your numbers so you know how to create 10X results


You can get the new free ebook “The Hidden Art of Story-Selling” that walks you through how to create an effective narrative from your story by downloading it here

The Hidden Art of Story-Selling

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What you need to know to use this 7 step process

If you ask any Entrepreneur what’s the best result they could hope for and we usually always find the same answer:

“I want to 10X my results with the same amount of effort”

I wanted that too, but I wanted to create something even more than just 10x with the same results. I wanted to create 10X results and do it with 20% of my current efforts. (Effectively cutting my personal workload by 80%) A Ridiculous notion to most marketers I am aware…

At first glance you may have an idea of  what all of these mean. I have found if a business knows how to do at least the first 4. They can survive and create a growing business. The last two are a result of doing the first 4 successfully.

BUT, if you you only have the first 3, and you don’t have the critical 4th ‘Story’ worked out and “dialed in”, you are heading for disaster.

What I have found is that most online Entrepreneurs are constantly stuck at 3) The Strategy. They are so worried about finding the right way to engage and attract leads that they never spend time on thinking about what their Narrative is. Your message is what is ultimately going to predict whether or not your prospective clients buy from you… and whether they keep buying from you.

So when you’re finally exhausted at trying the hot new strategy of the week, how about I teach you the part that you can apply to ANY strategy that you want? The part that I have found is responsible for over 300K in online earnings in the last 27 months?

That’s right, its the “Story” or what we sometimes call “The Narrative”.  The brain always and only remembers stories long term. Its how we associate memories and emotions. This is the realm of the master marketer. The ability to cast a narrative far beyond what most entrepreneurs ever think about.

The best part? It’s easy to do and there is a literal blueprint to follow in order to do so.  You can take anyone, in any niche and take all true events and ‘weave’ a narrative together that ties together the ultimate benefits and reasons to buy your product or service.

So what makes a great story?


The ‘Story’ has to include these 4 key things…

EPIC Story Formula


a) Engage – Set context and engage your prospect with ‘setting the stage’

b) Present – This is where you present the problems and challenges to be overcome that your product or service ultimately solves.

c) Illustrate – The solution to those problems Illustrated with ease

d) Convert – The strong call to action that includes value justification, risk reversal, urgency and engagement mechanisms. (brain psychology stuff that works when applied correctly)

When Entrepreneurs learn to think about this stuff, this is the major breakthrough I see my clients and team have.

We believe the story is the single most powerful marketing strategy ever known to man. Most expert copywriters know this and capitalize on it. Yet know we have taken the advanced concepts of marketing and storytelling and weaved them together to create the ultimate storytelling for marketers training.

Like I said, this is personally how I generated multiple 6 figures in the internet marketing industry selling blogs for goodness sake. If I can do it, anyone can.

I just completed my new Ebook “The Hidden Art of Story-Selling” which walks someone through how to do this the best way. You can download it here.. its free.


We’ll see you on the inside.

Chris Rocheleau

Chris Rocheleau
Founder, EPIC Story Academy

Author, ‘The Hidden Art of Story-Selling”


P.S. Make sure you pick up my ebook that teaches you how to create converting narratives from real lives stories and case studies. Download now “The Hidden Art of Story-Selling”

The Hidden Art of Story-Selling






Marketing  To The Lowest Common Denominator and Other Ridiculous Fallacies

Marketing To The Lowest Common Denominator and Other Ridiculous Fallacies

When I started as a marketer, I watched middle level producers talk about marketing to the lowest common denominator.

That way, you don’t lose the opportunity to make more sales, because most people live at around the low denominator. Yet although their argument seemed to make sense, I didn’t feel right. So I started to look deeper into what happens when you employ this type of marketing.

First let me qualify what I mean by ‘the lowest common denominator’.

This means marketing to a person who is at the proverbial ‘bottom of the barrel’.  The person who may resemble someone like a Homer Simpson type or big Aunt Bertha who is built like a jumbo toaster oven, type of person sitting on the couch with their biggest pressing question at the moment being “should I get up to walk to the other side of the couch to grab the remote to the TV… OR should I crawl across that couch.. that way I won’t have to get up completely”.

Well, we all pretty much know how that turns out… Its whatever requires less effort and energy. Sadly, at least in western culture… this is a large segment of the population. So naturally, when marketers are scheming up their latest campaign, they are looking at the ‘numbers’… and they see these Homer Simpson types as the largest group ripe for the to the lowest common denominator

This line of thinking right here is the beginning of the end. Stay with me, this will make sense soon.

Marketers see that they can easily manipulate this person by telling them that its “easy”… that the ‘system’ does it all for them… they just have to press a few buttons on a keyboard… maybe only one and they will start to see results with their ‘secret’ method.

I would find this type of marketing absolutely hilarious if it didn’t wreck our industry as a result.  First of all, in order to even market to someone like this, the chances of them doing anything at all is slim to none, they don’t have the entrepreneurial drive. They don’t have the self-inspired motivation to go after a new business venture, they don’t have a big enough “why” that if they dug deep… it would make them cry.

Yet, the justification you see from marketers is “it makes sales”.

This short sighted approach completely short circuits a business that I would hope you want to have last… that has sustainability.  When you market to the lowest common denominator because it’s “easy”.  You have taken the low road and you will attract nothing but inexperienced, naive non-entrepreneurial people who will quit at the first sign of adversity.

Sure this type of marketing works for diet pills. Talk about an unsustainable business model… people who want a shortcut to losing the weight they gained because they weren’t motivated enough to regulate it with healthy eating habits, exercise and a sensible lifestyle.  But if you are building a business or a team that involves people, or a tribe of people that are into what you are passionate about as well, then targeting these people is recipe for short term gains, burning through customers, high refunds, and you constantly having to push your next ‘marketing gimmick’. Or you find yourself having to move on to the next sucker who you can dupe into buying your crap.

The sadder part of this is that you may actually be promoting a quality product or service that is solid, works and helps people.

Yet, if you misrepresent it and give the wrong expectation about it, here is what you won’t have:

You will not ever build a business this way that sustains, that has people happy with your product or service and more importantly happy with you and choose to stick around, be a part of your tribe and continue to buy your stuff and benefit from it for the long term.

Giving the right expectation about what you are offering is paramount. If you make it seem too easy, and then the person attempts to apply your ‘system’ or method or whatever you have and it doesn’t turn out… then they feel burned.

However here is the amazing part that I found.

I have told people “Look, this is going to require some personal application and sweat. You will get frustrated, you will think about quitting, you will feel at times like its going nowhere… this is the path of an entrepreneur, but it’s worth it if you stick with it as those who do… make it”

Funny I have so many people who follow me and choose to stick around because I’m totally real with them.

I wish many other marketers did the same, the online marketing industry would be a 10X more quality place to play.

Thats all for now, just a quick thought for you today.

Be E.P.I.C.

Chris Rocheleau

Chris Rocheleau

Founder, EPIC Story Academy

Creator, “The Hidden Art of Story-Selling”


P.S. If you want to know more about how I market, find out about my new ebook “The Hidden Art of Story-Selling” Below:

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Click Here To Download the Free Ebook “The Hidden Art of Story-Selling”



What happened at EPIC Story Academy

This is what everyone said about EPIC Story Academy, watch the video below.

I am so proud of everyone that came and even more appreciative of the testimonials that we received at the event shown above. Since then some of the most amazing stories have come out of the training that we gave at the event.

Watching everyone breakthrough… even when Max Juhasz jumped out of his seat and start screaming:[testimonials style=”4″ margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””]




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Chris Rocheleau
Founder of EPIC Story Academy
Creator of the EPIC Story Hack


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My Story of Major Awakening and Realization

My Story of Major Awakening and Realization

This is the reason I do what I do… this is why I am so dedicated to my message.

[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” youtube_force_hd=”hd720″ width=”640″ height=”360″ align=”center” margin_top=”10″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj0wSG02YUp0YkxVcw==[/video_player]

To view my EPIC Story Funnel training and how I use stories to build businesses and create followings click here

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Chris Rocheleau
Founder of The Next Level Mastermind Intensive
Creator of the “EPIC Story Funnel”


P.S. To watch me break down my “E.P.I.C. Story Hack” click here

System Based Following vs Personality Based Following

System Based Following vs Personality Based Following

How you can capitalize on creating a Personality Based Following instead of a System Based Following.

A system based following has no real loyalty and a shelf life. In this video I explain the difference between the two types of followings and how to create the one that works best for you.

[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_hide_controls=”N” youtube_auto_play=”Y” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” youtube_force_hd=”hd720″ width=”640″ height=”360″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1qeXQ3NWU5REJhbw==[/video_player]

So in Summary:

Personality Based Following is usually the best for those that want to build a long term sustainable business.  Why? Because if the system fails, (which is outside of your control) then your following fails unless they are following you.

The difference? If you are dependent upon the system to work for you rather than utilizing your own positioning, branding, unique personality, vision and message then your following fails and leaves the moment the system doesn’t live up to the lofty expectations it always touts itself to produce.

However if you have a following that is responsive to your unique message of Vision, Values, Position, Ideals and Personality. Then wherever you go, your following will go with you. In the video above I illustrate the main elements on how create that type of messaging.

So the next part about reaching your audience and creating responsiveness has to do with understanding the “Level of Awareness” that your target audience has. If you don’t understand the 5 Levels of awareness of your target audience then you may completely fall short of getting your audience to respond to you. Its critically important that you understand this:

You can watch that video here on “The 5 Levels of Awareness”

We’ll see you there!

Chris Rocheleau
Chris Rocheleau
Founder of the Next Level Mastermind Intensive
Creator of “The Epic Life” Coaching and Training.
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P.S  Watch the video on “The 5 Levels of Awareness Below”

5 Levels of awareness
Click to watch “The 5 Levels of Awareness of your Target Audience”