The 5 Levels of Awareness of Your Target Audience

The 5 Levels of Awareness can be applied to any market anywhere. It just so happens I have applied this to someone who would be selling products or services on the internet. With the advent of social media we can re-apply this time tested wisdom to online marketing. We have to thank the late great Eugene Schwartz who pioneered the 5 States of Awareness in his classic groundbreaking book “Breakthrough Advertising”.

You Won’t Find “Branding” Training Like This Anywhere Else

For the first time ever, I decided to break down how branding and positioning actually work. I’m not interested in mere theory… Nor does my ego require self aggrandizement like many seem to need. Here I give it to you straight.. completely real and full of expletives and F-bombs to accentuate the disdain I have for those who talk out of the side of their mouth.