Meet Chris Rocheleau

Chris is one of the most well respected internet business development trainers in the industry. Having served as a digital marketing strategist and coach for high profile marketing gurus he has ‘gone beyond just strategy’ to implementing strategic stories into his clients marketing. His groundbreaking framework “The EPIC Story Formula” has…read more… 

Chris shows you how to be congruent with who you are and who you choose to market to. He shows you how to get away from “canned” marketing and sales funnels – and how to develop your own story in an authentic manner that your target audience will appreciate and respond to… best of all he is honest, he provides his honest unvarnished views on the industry he obviously loves for what it can do for people and goes into great detail on how you can provide value to your current and future team members.

~ Trish Roess

Chris's Flagship Training

EPIC Story Formula for Online Marketers

How To Ethically Make Sales Creating Stories and ‘Advertorial” Ads Using Other People’s Results and Case Studies

You will learn how to:

  • Write your first story literally as you follow the training modules
  • Successfully “hook” your prospect into reading your story or Ad
  • Write and leverage “case studies” of others success and use it to make sales
  • Distinguish the ‘5 types of prospects’ and which ones are best for story selling
  • Understand the ‘3 Focus Types’ and how to influence them every time
  • Craft your ‘signature story’ to work even if you yet have no results to display
  • How to create high converting lead magnets with stories to sell with
  • Case Study “The FB Advertorial that made six figures in a year”

The Next Level Mastermind Intensive

We just held our first Next Level Mastermind Intensive on August 1-3. It was a 3-day event at the beautiful Omni Interlocken Resort just outside of Boulder, Colorado including an a hike/personal development day and 2 full days of powerful marketing training. It was an intimate mastermind event for 30 people which we sold out, and the response was so overwhelming that we will be having another one. Because so many of the people who attended last time want to join us again spots will fill quickly. We haven’t released the tickets yet, but stay tuned and be the first to know when we release the tickets for The Next Level Mastermind Intensive II.

EPIC Story Academy

EPIC Story Academy

Academy attendees will arrive Friday evening (Friday Morning for VIP’s) and enjoy an opening session to “set the stage” for the rest of the event. Then Saturday we will deep dive into the workshop and start craft your funnels as we walk you through step by step your EPIC Curriculum frameworks to create a truly unique and converting funnel for you to market your business with and start to make sales and sign ups into your primary company. Then Sunday will have more clarification and tactical application of your EPIC Story Funnel where you can leave the event with a fully working funnel and everything you need to be a top producer in your primary company, speak your unique message and do it with full integrity know this is a business you can leave a legacy with.

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